SEO ROI Calculator

Calculating SEO ROI (return on investment) is complex, despite organic search being a major traffic source for websites.

SEO’s importance in increasing this traffic over time is undeniable, yet quantifying its financial impact remains a challenging task for an SEO professional.

This gap often leads to underinvestment in SEO, as companies struggle to see its tangible benefits.

To bridge this gap, here’s the SEO ROI Calculator.

It simplifies the process by offering a money-based figure for the value organic search contributes, a crucial metric for SEO professionals to demonstrate their impact.

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SEO Value and ROI Calculator

SEO Value and ROI Calculator

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Why Calculate the ROI of SEO?

Calculating SEO ROI is vital because:

1) It’s a crucial KPI for assessing SEO profitability. 

2) It enables a data-driven approach for strategy development. 

3) Understanding ROI for organic visibility efforts clarifies performance, making it essential for informed decision-making in SEO investments.


How the SEO ROI Calculator works:


Enter Your Numbers:

You’ll see a few fields where you can input data like how many clicks your organic search has gotten, how much revenue those clicks have brought in, what you’ve paid on average for paid search clicks, and your total SEO costs for the year.

Hit Calculate:

Once you fill in those numbers, just press the “Calculate” button.

See the Magic:

The calculator will then crunch those numbers and show you some key figures: how much you’re earning per click from organic search, what those organic clicks would have cost if you paid for them, the total value your SEO efforts have added, and the return on investment (ROI) of your SEO strategy.

No need to worry about the math; the calculator does all the heavy lifting for you.

It’s a straightforward way to see how much value SEO is bringing to your business.

Measuring SEO ROI

This SEO ROI calculator will give you a broad view of numbers.

Measuring SEO ROI is a difficult SEO challenge. 

Check out this full guide on measuring SEO ROI you need to read to get informed on topic