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Running a WordPress website or WooCommerce online store is no easy feat, nor is it cheap to set up. 

You don’t want to pay a web developer for what you believe to be a fully-optimized SEO site that promises boosted sales and top Google rankings but does not deliver.

I’ve been working with WordPress for almost a decade, I can help you get your WordPress build optimized for search engines through technical SEO, content marketing, and backlink acquisition.

WordPress SEO

Hiring a WordPress SEO expert can improve how you use this powerful CMS. 

They know that WordPress SEO is a bit like regular SEO, but they also know the best tricks, content, and add-ons for WordPress to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Why Choose Lawrence As Your WordPress SEO Guru?

As a seasoned WordPress SEO, I have run over 300 WordPress CMS optimization campaigns.

I’ve led and trained the team at StudioHawk in SEO services, with diverse experience spanning small, medium, and large brands, as well as WooCommerce websites.

Get advice on the top WordPress SEO plugins and have a WordPress SEO audit to check your on-page SEO, website backlink profile, and brand authority.

I love engaging with businesses that use WordPress sites due to the vast customization and tailoring we can do, and the simplicity to make changes quickly.

I have the expertise and knowledge to get you results through organic search. – read my story here and read the blog actively updated with fresh SEO insights.

For awards won, I was recognized as Young Search Professional of the Year by the Semrush Awards in 2021, for the Best Marketing Campaign for Legal Services in 2020 and as General Manager of StudioHawk, we won Best Marketing Agency 2019Best Large SEO Agency in the Global Search Awards in 2021, and Best Large SEO Agency in APAC Search Awards in 2022 and 2023

If you need a WordPress SEO consultant with the expertise to guide you to SEO growth, reach out today!

Free WordPress SEO Audit

Transform your WordPress SEO visibility and drive more organic traffic 

WordPress SEO Process

What Are Your Goals?

What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve with your WordPress website?

Are you wanting to optimize or completely rebuild from the ground up?

Once we’re clear on that, it’ll be clear if I can help and progress through the next steps.

WordPress SEO Audit

I start every new consulting project by offering a free WordPress SEO audit. This step helps identify minor issues for quick fixes and provides both of us a clear understanding of your WordPress site’s current SEO standing.

SEO Implementation for WordPress

Next up, after the SEO audit findings, we’ll agree on the implementation, and we’ll get on top of getting tasks ticked off that move the needle:

  • Review your WordPress pages, target keywords, layout, and configuration in the backend.
  • Remove unused plugins, implement new plugins that benefit the site.
  • Set up Google Search Console, Google Analytics 4, and SEO Testing for tracking performance.
  • Configure sitemaps in XML and HTML.
  • Fixing website issues such as broken 404 pages, redirects, page speed issues.
  • On-page optimization on pages, finding low hanging fruit keywords or striking distance keywords to optimise, bringing pages from 2nd to the 1st page of Google.

I provide a comprehensive, hands-on SEO service. This means I’ll optimize your website without you needing to handle the technical details.

Tracking Perfomance & Reviewing Results

Post-implementation, we’ll be monitoring the website over the next 3 – 6 months for impacts to  search rankings.

In this period reviewing the changes made, if there are more required based on the results, then reverting back to SEO implementation if required.

Once we see the new customers, site visitors start rolling in and engaging with the website, we celebrate that win, and go back to auditing to figure out what’s next!


WordPress SEO Consulting Cost

I customize prices to meet your website’s specific needs, taking into account its size and the WordPress SEO support you need.

This ranges from $180 to $250.

The aim is to craft an effective WordPress SEO strategy to improve your search engine rankings and increase web traffic is a detailed process, usually taking a few weeks to months.

Our SEO method is budget-friendly and based on solid data, making sure your search engine marketing is as effective as possible.

We build your SEO plan with thorough data analysis, including deep keyword research, checking out competitors, and insights from your own website.

My team is skilled and all about getting real results by delivering the best SEO, simply.

We love creating WOW with our SEO campaigns that have brought in actual traffic, growth, and better rankings, leading to a real return on your investment.

Our approach is straightforward: make quality SEO content, rank it, and keep doing it.

We aim to make your brand a leader in your field through digital PR to tap into Google’s understanding of your business.

Are you ready to start your WordPress optimization journey?

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