There are more than 1.9 billion websites currently active on the internet. Normally, it would be next to impossible to compete with all these sites with your own website, but with the help of SEO, anything is possible. If you love beauty, the art, and the SEO science, you might be thinking about pursuing a career in SEO. 

But is that really a valid career option? Is learning how to work in SEO difficult? And, of course, could you make a good living with a career in SEO marketing?

Keep reading and learn more about why it may be a good career choice and how to get a job in SEO.

Here’s a video on the journey to becoming an SEO specialist in 2022:

These days, SEO plays a big part in just about everything on the internet. If something is popular on the internet, it likely has something to do with SEO. Every successful website owes its success to the power of keywords, linking strategies, and other SEO aspects. 

Some large websites and companies even spend tens of thousands of dollars, some much more than that, just to maintain and improve their SEO. Needless to say, SEO is certainly something that is greatly sought after. But what about a career in this field?

What does an SEO specialist do? To start, you should know that there are many kinds of jobs in the SEO field.

Types of SEO Jobs

Content SEOs might focus more on creating new and engaging content for blogs or company websites.

Technical SEOs focus on improving the coding behind a website or making a website run faster. Outreach Specialists specifically deal with improving links, adding links, creating guest posts, and so on. So, if you’re wondering how to get into SEO marketing, there are many ways you can make an entrance depending on your skill set. 

If you want to know how to become an SEO analyst, then you’ll have to know more about the gritty details of SEO so you can pick out what might be wrong with a website and what can make it right. The main thing to remember is that jobs in SEO are more popular than ever because everyone needs SEO.

Any time a company starts a website and gains digital traction through social or ads, it will likely seek out those who know all about SEO when they realize the missed opportunity. So, if you’re worried about job prospects, you should know that there won’t be any shortages in SEO career options any time soon in this growing industry.

Accessible Career Choice

Have you ever been looking for job listings online only to find that the majority of them want 5 or 10 years of job experience, if not more? If you’re just starting out your career, finding a job will be difficult if you don’t yet have a lot of experience.

Even if you have already been in the job market for a while, it can still be difficult to get a job due to the strict criteria that many jobs have across different industries and markets.

The field of SEO, on the other hand, is completely different. Learning how to get into SEO is not hard. In fact, an SEO career path is one of the easiest to get into in this day and age with the rise of interest in the field.

In some cases, all you really need to get a job in SEO (in most cases) is to have a basic knowledge of SEO. As long as you know the foundations of keyword optimization, content creation, linking, and more, you should be in good shape to get a job in SEO. 

The Foot in the Door

You will find that junior SEO job listings won’t ask you to have a ridiculous number of years of job experience just to apply. Instead, they are much more accessible and open to a larger number of people.

If you have a blog or a project showing that you know all about SEO, you would still be a very good candidate. One of the reasons why it is so easy to apply to and get SEO jobs is that so many employers need people who know about SEO due to how essential it is for online content.

Salary Expectations

While the average salary for an SEO specialist depends on skill level. Many SEO workers make a lot more than this. The amount you make depends on a variety of factors, such as your position in a company, how long you’ve been working, and so on. 

Fortunately, in the field of SEO, there are plenty of opportunities to climb the corporate ladder. You might start making $50,000~, but soon enough, you will make a lot more once you get promotions and your experience level increases.

Usually, the jobs that pay the most are those that are more specific. For example, if you build your skills and become an experienced SEO writer, you can expect to make much more money. Once you become more established in the industry, more people will know more about you, know you’re a good worker, and be more likely to hire you and pay you a higher rate.  

Why a Career in SEO?

If you’re wondering if you should pursue a career in SEO, you should absolutely take the plunge. SEO is more popular than ever because every website and company needs it to succeed. There are many SEO job opportunities and ways to grow and make money in this field.

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