It’s simple, pick 5 people part of your network, sales prospects, clients, referral partners, etc to call before 5pm

The trick is also giving yourself a good gap, perhaps a two hour chunk of the day so when people miss your calls they can reach back without any lag about it.

When leaving a voicemail I’ll say “nothing urgent, just checking into how you’re doing saw your traffic is going well”

At the end of the day from the first time I tested this out, one client was keen to increase their campaign retainer, another had a referral to introduce me to, a sales prospect pointed me in another direction for someone better to talk to.

One client also expressed how happy they were working with one of my team mates who really took control over that campaign.

By the end of the day, the confidence boost and energy built off that really pushed me into the next day.

Now this isn’t purely for the ego boost, being proactive with clients that may be in a hard spot, dropped clients that things ended poorly will be part of your 5 before 5!

It’s all about the discipline to set yourself the challenge of getting on the horn and not letting up until you’ve chatted to 5 people 🙂